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About Alita Ai

We are committed to providing you with a worry free investment platform. Your investments will be safe and worry free.

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Pioneering the investment logic of "only earning without losing", no matter how the market changes.

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Zero risk investment model: Leading the innovative investment concept of "only earning without losing", ensuring the safety of user capital, regardless of market fluctuations.

Investment rules:
Users can make a one-time purchase through AI facial recognition, authorizing them to hold 1000 USDT of spot goods, with 30% of the closing profit and 20% of the closing profit for free.
Inviting 10 people through AI facial recognition will result in an additional 1000 USDT investment authorization and a free increase of 100 USDT in spot holdings. case:
After completing AI facial recognition, users will receive a free spot holding of 100 USDT and an investment authorization of 1000 USDT. To increase the free quota, users only need to invite 10 people to participate in AI facial recognition. For every additional 10 people, spot holdings will increase by 100 USDT, and investment authorization will increase by 1000 USDT.
The recommender will receive 2% of the USDT investment return for offline members.

M-TOKEN Launch platform

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Meme City launch platform, users who have undergone facial recognition can receive a free airdrop. This token is not pre-sale, and there is no reserved contract permission to discard it. Please copy the above text and contribute your efforts to spontaneous promotion.

About Us

At Alita Ai, we are committed to providing you with a worry free investment platform. We guarantee that no matter how the market changes, your principal will always be fully protected. Join anytime, exit anytime, no matter what profit or loss you face, your investment will be safe and worry free .

· Using the new AI-system, we are encouraging community growth within our ALITA community, which will bring new users to support both our $ALITA and $ALME tokens.

· We take your privacy very seriously. All verification made are strictly confidential, we do not have access to the database or keep a copy, so users do not need to worry about information leaks.

Alita Labs

Bringing a better, brighter future for the web 3 space and community.